Südtirol Classic Schenna - The South Tyrolean Classic is a must for all Oldtimer fans

Programme 2020

35th Südtirol Classic Schenna 5 to 12 July 2020

There are few classic car rallies that stand out from the rest and even fewer that can boast 35 years of success and growth. Schenna has earned its reputation by focusing attention on the cars that were built on the dreams of two generations. The rally Südtirol Classic Schenna is known for its charm and has become a “must” for classic car enthusiasts, but not exclusively. The rally is also for anyone fascinated by unique landscapes, breathtaking panoramas, drives along secret paths, by those who appreciate cordiality, a delicious meal and making new friends along the way.

Important to know: the main programme starts already on Wednesday July 8th with technical checks, briefing and start of the 1st tour.
Cultural programme

from July 5th to 7th 2020

Sunday, 5th July

  • 05.30 pm–07.00 pm Arrival of the participants & get together
  • 07.30 pm Dinner at your hotel

Monday, 6th July

  • 08.30 am Start for the first ride
  • 12.30 pm Stop and lunch break
  • 07.30 pm common Dinner (shuttlebus)

Tuesday, 7th July

  • 08.30 am Start for the second ride
  • 12.30 pm Stop and lunch break
    Evening at your free disposal 

Wednesday, 8th July

  • 10.00–17.00 pm Sports and technical checks in the centre of Schenna
  • 17.15 pm Briefing for participant (obligatory) 
  • 18.00 pm Start of the vehicles in the center of Scena
  • 19.30 pm Common dinner 
Rallye programme

from 8th to 12th July 2020

Thursday, 9th July 2020

  • 10.00 am Start of the vehicles in the center of Scena
  • 12.30 pm lunch break
  • 19.30 pm Anniversary celebration

Friday, 10th July 2020

  • 08.00 am Head for the hills! Tour of Dolomites
  • 12.30 pm Lunch break
    Evening at your fee disposal

Saturday, 11th July 2020

  • 08.00 am Panoramic tour 
  • 12.30  Lunch break
  • 08.00 pm Gala dinner (shuttle bus)

Sunday, 12th July 2020

  • 10.00 am Award Ceremony & Lunchtime drink with traditional live music
Current weather conditions
Cold and humid air over the Alps.