1. Participant/Vehicle

Three and four-wheel vintage vehicles manufactured before 1985 and regularly registered are eligible for participation.The vehicles must be in their original condition and satisfy the provisions of road traffic laws.The following documents are required: driver's license / car registration book according to the national regulations of the country of origin, a document showing the cars's year of construction (not teh registration date) and valid insurance paper

2. Traffic Regulations

The participants are subject to the road traffic laws of the Italian Republic. Said laws must always be complied with during the whole course of South Tyrol Classic.All the participants shall drive at their own risk and they alone are responsible for the roadworthiness of their vehicles.Important: according to the Italian low drivers are obliged to switch on the lights also during day time.

3. Waiver of Liability

At the moment of their entry the participants (contenders, drivers, co-drivers, vehicle-possessors and legal owners) renounce the right to proceed or to file recourse against

  • the organizers, its representatives, judges, and assistants
  • authorities and any person involved in the organization of the event in case of accidents or damage suffered during th event.

The organizer reserves the right to exclude participants from the race in case of severe breaches of the rules and/or of the road traffic regulations.

4. Media, Internet

With their names all participants give their consent to the organization committee for the release of their data to the media as well as for the publication on the Internet, exclusively for the purposes related to the event and they will not enter a protest against the organization committee or the media disclosing their data.

5. Entries/Entry forms

The entries with the relevant entry form are to be sent to the following address:

Südtirol Classic Club
Tourismusbüro Schenna
Erzherzog Johann Platz 1/D
I-39017 Schenna

Tel. 0039 0473 945669
Fax 0039 0473 945581
E-mail: info@suedtirolclassic.com

Please send the form completely filled in and signed by the participant. Please enclose the entry form an up-to-date color photo of your vehicle. Is there an interesting story about your car? Please let us know. The information on yourself and your vehicle can be used by the organizers, the event speaker and the public at the start to make public your participation and to render our passion for old timer events as transparent as possible.

The deadline for entry is September 20th, 2023

The final selection of the participants will be carried out by the committee in accordance to automobile history criteria. The older vehicles will be given absolute priority. The refusal of a vehicle is non-appealable.