Südtirol Classic Schenna near Meran
180° panoramic webcam of Schenna and surroundings
360° panoramic webcam in the center of Schenna
Center of Schenna (580m)
Schlossweg with view on Castle Schenna
View on the village centre (580m)
View on the village centre, in the background Mutspitze and Hahnenkamm
Taser - Monte Scena (1.450m)
View direction Vinschgau
Meran 2000 - View on Merano
Merano 2000 - S. Osvaldo
Merano 2000 - Wallpach slope
Merano 2000 - Kesselberg
Merano 2000 - Mittager with Dolomiti view
Merano 2000 - Picco Ivigna
Due to technical reasons or weather conditions, some webcams may be temporarily out of service. However, they are checked on a daily basis to ensure the correct functionality. Thank you for your understanding!
Current weather conditions
Humid air masses will be present in the southern part of the territory.