The weather in Schenna & South Tyrol

General weather

High pressure conditions and northerly winds over the Alps.

Partly cloudy
Temp. max.:32°
Temp. min.:14°
Mostly sunny

Sunny weather with some harmless cumulus clouds in the afternoon.

Mountain weather

Mountain weather 3000 m 2000 m 16° m
Mostly sunny

Stable and quite sunny conditions on the mountains. Only harmless cumulus clouds will form during the day.

Weather development

Wednesday, 20. June
Partly cloudy
Temp. max.:33°
Temp. min.:11°
Thursday, 21. June
Cloudy, thunderstorm with moderate shower
Temp. max.:33°
Temp. min.:12°
Friday, 22. June
Partly cloudy
Temp. max.:30°
Temp. min.:10°
Saturday, 23. June
Partly cloudy
Temp. max.:27°
Temp. min.: